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The SCA was founded in 1968 and is governed by a twelve member Board of Directors serving three-year overlapping terms.  Initially formed as a liaison between residents and the village government, the SCA was instrumental in opening a dialogue between village residents and the Village Board of Trustees.  Since the founding of the SCA, our mission has greatly expanded.  The organization promotes and provides activities for residents of all ages and helps fund projects for the benefit of our residents.  We seek to provide information, structure and process to civic matters so that community members have the appropriate information to make thoughtful decisions and convey them to elected and appointed village representatives.

Spring 2016 Message from the SCA


On behalf of the Board of Directors of the SCA, I would like to wish you all, neighbors and friends, a Happy New Year. Our thoughts are now turning to the upcoming summer season. I am sending this letter so that you can:

  • Join the SCA for 2016;
  • Update your telephone directory entry for the 2016 Telephone ADDENDUM; and
  • Place the SCA summer activities on your calendar.

The Mission of the SCA, your community association, is to enrich the lives of the Saltaire community. One way this is done is through the sponsoring of events for the enjoyment of Saltaire’s multigenerational community. In 2015 the SCA sponsored activities including the House & Garden Tour, the Music & Arts Festival, the Jogathon, the Sandcastle Contest and the ever popular Halloween Party. In 2015 the SCA published the biennial telephone directory.

These wonderful events and endeavors could not take place without the time and effort of every member of the SCA Board of Directors and other community volunteers. I am humbled by their generosity.

I welcome you to attend the SCA Annual Meeting. Join us for coffee and refreshments on Saturday, June 25th at 11:00 AM in the Fire House meeting room. Help us to make our community even better. Take some time on that day to share your ideas about additional ways we can best fulfill our mission.

SCA Dues is $50 per household. Your dues helps to cover the costs of the SCA sponsored activities and events, our community contributions, and the cost of printing the biennial telephone directory and addendum. Member households receive two copies of both the directory and the addendum. Without your memberships, we would not be able to maintain our activities. SCA sponsored events are integral part of the fabric of a Saltaire summer. Your membership means a great deal to the entire Village.

You will note an option on the dues form to donate to the Fire Island Association (FIA). Since 1955 the FIA has worked to represent Fire Island’s interests. The SCA annually contributes to the FIA, as do the other Fire Island communities and community groups. Saltaire’s community members have generously supported the FIA in past years and you may do so again using our dues form.

TELEPHONE ADDENDUM INFORMATION FORM ENCLOSED: All homeowners are eligible for inclusion in the Saltaire Telephone Directory. Renters are also welcome to be members of the SCA and may be included in the Directory. Enclosed is the 2016 information form for the ADDENDUM which will be published this year. Please note, this is not the year for a new directory, just the ADDENDUM.

We look forward to the 2016 summer season in Saltaire and seeing you at SCA events. I thank you, in advance, for your generous support.

Warm regards,
Grace Corradino, Chair
The Saltaire Citizens’ Association

If you are not yet a member of the SCA, please join us by downloading the application here.

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