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SCA Membership Information including email addresses


SCA MEMBERSHIP dues will be $50 per household and entitle each member household to two copies of the new 2017 Saltaire Directory. Your dues help cover the costs of the Directory and also the costs associated with our community contributions and annual events. Without your memberships, we will not be able to maintain our activities.

All homeowners are eligible for inclusion in the Directory.   Renters are also welcome to be members of the SCA and may be included in the Directory with their Saltaire address provided the owner of the house they rent agrees to the listing.  Alternatively, renters may list only their home addresses with other contact information.

Each household may include as many as four telephone numbers.  These may be your Saltaire number, an off island number and a cell number or any four you would like listed.  We hope this will be helpful with the changing trends in the use of land lines and cell phones.  For the first time this year, email addresses may be included in the Directory.  Members are invited to provide as many as two email addresses as we explore the extent to which members would like to place these addresses in the Saltaire Directory.

Residents may include the names of their offspring.  Due to space restrictions, listings cannot include names beyond two generations and their spouses (i.e. no grandchildren).  Adult children are welcomed to have their own listings in the 2017 Directory by becoming independent members of the SCA.  A number of families utilize this option.  To do this, submit a second copy of the membership form with the appropriate information along with the additional dues.

Membership Form (download here)

Your 2017 membership form has been mailed, which includes space for additions and updates.  (You may also download a copy here.) If your information is unchanged from the 2016 Directory, please just check on the line beneath where you sign your name [i.e., NAME: (please sign)].

For new or changed information, please fill in all the information that you want to appear.  Couples or co-owners with different surnames are entitled to have two separate listings.  Please indicate your desire for separate listings in the box under ADDITIONAL PERSONS AND/OR INFORMATION.

Even if you have contacted us recently with revised information, please restate it on the form to be sure we have it.  Dues and changes are due by Wed., April 1st in order to have the Directory available by the time the summer season is in full swing.

You will note an option to donate to the Fire Island Association which has worked tirelessly since 1955 to represent Fire Island’s interests.  The SCA annually contributes to the FIA, as do the other Fire Island communities and community groups.  Saltaire’s community members have been generous in past years and may do so again using our dues form.

We look forward to the 2017 season in Saltaire and seeing you at SCAA activities.


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