Saltaire Citizens Association

June 2021 - June 2022 Membership

All community members are welcome to join!

We do not know what the 2021 season will bring regarding Covid 19 restrictions. The Village is collaborating with others to determine what is smart and safe for all. What we do know with certainty is that we, the SCA are committed to providing relevant engaging, fun opportunities for all members of our community during the Summer season.

We will continue to enhance our sustainability offerings, provide beach and walkway clean ups along with an assortment of new offerings. We plan on installing the shade structure for the ball field bleachers and are helping to select and sponsor new playground equipment. Essentially, we are moving forward with new projects and initiatives that will safely fulfill our Mission to enrich the life and to improve the welfare of the Saltaire community.

Your dues and donations are needed to pay for the above offerings as well to support SCA donations to vital community services including the Village Fire Department, the Saltaire Library, Ambulance Services, the Courtesy Carts and the FIA to name a few.

As always, we welcome your ideas and feedback regarding how the SCA can best serve the Saltaire community please email us at

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Household 2021 -2022 Directory Edits

This SCA Directory cycle our goal is to create a reliable, consistent, and accurate (as the day the Directory is printed) database for this and future Directories. To that end we are asking for feedback from you.

Included with this year’s Winter SCA mailing you received a slip of paper that has the information for you and your household that is in the 2019 -2020 SCA Directory, or the edits you previously reported. (Ignore all the extra commas and & gibberish).

To obtain our goal we need to know if the information in our current database for your household is correct, or if you want any additional edits. These are your options:

1. You want the current Directory entry as is in the next Directory. No need to respond. No news is good news!

2. You want to make edits to what is in the current database. If so, please indicate on the paper provided and either scan the paper or take a photo and email to

3. This year the database and related 2021 directory will allow for FIVE yes FIVE additional household contacts with their cell and emails. So – even if the current info is correct you may now also add additional contact info for up to FIVE members of your household. If you wish to do that please email Eve at with the additional information along with the primary member’s name.

To be included in the 2021 -2022 Directory EDITS must be received by APRIL 15TH