Saltaire Citizens Association

Special SCA Membership Meeting via Zoom June 23rd, 6pm

Special SCA Membership Meeting via Zoom
June 23rd, 6pm

The SCA Board is calling a brief membership meeting for Thursday, June 23rd at 6pm to discuss the following topics and call for a vote on a proposed Article 1 bylaw amendment.

It is essential that as many 2021 SCA members attend this meeting as possible. Your vote is needed to amend Article 1 of the SCA bylaws, to support our intention to allow SCA members to take advantage of tax deductions for their membership fees and donations by applying for a 501(c)3 status.

The proposed Article 1 amendment to the SCA bylaws regarding Purpose is:

The purpose of the Saltaire Citizens Association is to support the Village of Saltaire, New York, and improve the quality of life of the residents of the Village of Saltaire, New York, by assisting in the funding of programs and projects dedicated to the enhancement, beautification and maintenance of parks and recreational facilities owned by the Village of Saltaire, New York; sponsoring and funding cultural, recreational and educational activities for residents of all ages; and fostering resident awareness of and participation in civic affairs.

Please register here for the Zoom meeting on June 23th at 6pm. We also look forward to briefing you on the exciting plans for this summer and providing an overview of the Saltaire Playground plans.  

We welcome your questions via our email address: