Saltaire Citizens Association

The New Playground Design

We're thrilled to share the design for the new Saltaire Playground.  The design was guided by the communities feedback and input from several experts. There is ample seating and an accessible walking path.  Shaded areas are provided from new plantings of native trees, a covered gazebo, and seating along the deck of the refurbished Art Shed. The images demonstrate the dynamic and multigenerational environment that the new playground will provide.  

Specifically, you will see a variety of unique and special play equipment made of wooden materials to fit in with the natural aesthetic of our wonderful community. The play equipment includes slides, swings for babies and big kids a large basket swing too. We are excited to see the children of Saltaire also enjoy a rocking sail boat and multiple outlets for climbing and creative play. 

Please check out the new Playground Page to learn more!